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Dorchester International Group is a British group with an experience of over 20 years. Throughout the years DIG has been renowned as a world-class leader in the Real Estate Industry.

With a clear vision and a unique approach to the Real Estate industry, DIG launched various specialized subsidiary companies each dedicated to a specific area in the industry to offer a wide range of Real Estate services, and complement sister companies.

Offering Certified Training for

•  Certifying Realtors

•  Managers & Agents Training

The creation of DCI was triggered by the Real Estate opportunities channeled through Dorchester Estates, in its various regions of operation. The exposure to attractive opportunities-with upside potentials, and the solid network of high net worth clientele were a perfect combination. 

We were able to package several opportunities and sell them to a selection of our clients, satisfying their investment requirements, providing comfort on how the projects would be handled, and ensuring that the required returns are met.

The collective experience of the DCI team and fund managers has proven to be rewarding. Through various approaches, our investors have always received the best deals.

DCP’s objective is to continually ensure staying ahead of the market’s competition by gathering and analyzing market intelligence, best industry practices, and highlighting the finest opportunities.

With a clear focus on the real estate industry, Dorchester Communications & Publications offers the ability to utilizing a fine mixture of Strategic Positioning, Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising that follow a unified code which reflects the prestige and heritage of all our companies. In order to position DCP as a trusted reference in the real estate industry.

Whether you prefer classical or contemporary design, visiting one of our boutique showrooms would give you a chance to discuss your taste with our creative designers, who will help you express yourself to create a design that reflects your unique identity.

We also provide a broad range of project types from residential, hospitality, retail, offices, and institutional. While ensuring the quality of our creative designers in matching effective project management and cost control, delivering on time and within budget.

Dorchester Smart System:

•A Cloud-Based CRM on demand Application developed by Oracle that features:
•Contact Management & Organization.
•Property Management.
•Global Link between all DE Offices Around the World.
•Monitoring Lead Capture & Opportunities.
•Global Sales Management.
•Interactive Calendar with Agent follow-up and agent assignment.
•Reporting Tools.

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